The Creative Process Behind Cabinet of Curiosities

This article is a delightful look into the process of creating the show. How Guillermo del Toro's team built a 'Cabinet of Curiosities' full of hand-picked horror

You can feel del Toro's touch throughout the whole show, but you can definitely tell that he also tried to let every director's style and vision shine through.

This quote is amazing:

“He is a magical character, as much as any one of his creatures,” Natali said of Del Toro. “And I feel like he is the great impresario of the Cinema Fantastique, and I think he plays an important role as somebody who can articulate what that is, in a way that very few have in the past. He really understands the cultural importance of horror, and science fiction, and fantasy, and myth, in our present day world. I think that he's elevated the genre in that way, in a very protective way, like a museum curator would. And I feel very honored, and lucky, to somehow have been caught up in that net that he's cast.”

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