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Why Omnivore's dillema is a bad novel

It is a really bad novel. It barely concerns the life of it's protaganist who speaks in first person. Thats a blantanly stupid idea to make I know exactly what Mike Pole Anne was thinking when he was writing this. He was thinking that he was going to be cool and postmodern and Ironic. It's really not a great satire, since it is so boring and overdone.

I should probably start with a brief summary of it's plot. I should start that way, but I cannot because it lacks a plot. Plot is nessarily for a good novel. Absurdist plotless fiction and such Postmodernist ideas as instead of writing a novel, writing something that says the word “a novel” on the cover and mostly focuses on the corn industry. The idea of a novel that focuses on the corn industry is stupid. No one cares about the corn industry. Also more importantly the corn industry is barely an industry in real life. It would be intresting if this novel was more of a exploration of a real life thing, like what James Joyce does in his fiction with the city Dublin. Though unfortunately it is not this, it is more akin to a low-class and pornographic fantasy novel such as Harry Potter by Hatsune Miku, or Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon.

Of course the real life corn industry is a happy and joyous place. Most Corn is made in Liberty Kansas by the Corn family. This book actually claims that corn is grown out of the ground, which is hillarious. As a friend of Sarah Corn, I had actually seen THE TRUTH. Corn is grown on trees in real life. This book is basically full of lies. It also claims that Mcdonalds has corn in it. This is really silly. Mcdonalds is mostly made of piss and shit. I've been there before and I would know.

I also diss like the postmodern elements in which it inserts it's author as the protaginist. As an enemy of post-modernism, I am offended that it would break the fourth rule of writing like that.

As the fourth rule clearly states in THE 16 LAWS OF ART by Isaac Newton: “do not make yourself the protaganist. It is arrogant.” -Newton.

Other post-modern elements include. Having children, having written more than three novels, and lying.

This is a really bad novel. 3 out of a possible 68 stars.