and yet

There's a place by the seashore

Covered in rocks, and seaweed, and droppings from black-tipped gulls.

At the top, I pretend there's a door.

It leads to a world of white nothings,

Where the sea and the sky meet in bright darkness,

and the stars don't shine.

When I climb to the tip of the rocks,

I look out at this world, of the sea and the sky,

And I wish I could cross that line.

I wish I could reach out my hand

And gather the soft darkness of the star-weary sky into my fingers.

I wish I could reach through the door and take a piece of that dim light back to my land,

So I could have it evermore.

I like to lie there, and think of the waves that wash upside-out in this world of mine.

And when the sun falls and the day runs away,

I go back, and with this brief view of a world that is more, I am fine.

I think it's the knowing that does it, that makes in all right in the end.

And yet...