hi guys first post, yaa! right now I am in math class. I am very confused but I am always confused in math ;) everyone is sick and it makes me sad bc sick people scare me. I brought in my poppit today but no one wanted it. I taught Hazel how to play the hit poppit game which is like the best most coolest game ever. bc my campers last year taught it to me. tomorrow I am going on a field trip but like no one is even going to be there bc everyone is gone so I worry it will be awko taco (interest awkward emoji here) this is very fun because it makes me look super studios when we are in like study hall and stuff. also, I am bored. ok buyyyyyy :) I will see you all soooooon

bt dubs my popit is an octogon and it is rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple! super cute and fun.

but ya know what isn't cute? MATH! math is not cute at all, no no no not cute! dj, how do I add emojis to this ? i like emojis a lot