uh oh liv’s hornyposting on main (not really, this is a blog update)

hii! honestly i might just be screaming this post into the void, i genuinely have no idea if people will read it (certainly i’m under no illusions people will care)

but still, i felt like writing something, and i want to get actually into this, so here’s the situation!

sorry for like not posting for ages, i honestly ended up pretty unhappy with the first chapter, and i didn’t feel like fleshing out those characters or settings, it was mostly just a jumping off point to see if i could do it.

anyway, i’ve come up with two narratives that i think i wanna tell, both in the same world as WTSCU was, but with a little bit of like, actual plot in mind, not just me trying to like formulate my ideal world in a narrative form

i do also love just thinking about a more sustainable/peaceful/equitable/leisurely future though, i find it so relaxing and motivating, so if people wanted i totally would absolutely love to like share some of my worldbuilding for the 2090 setting.

so back to those two stories! the first concept i have wouldn’t be utopian, or really happy at all- it’d be set in the late 30’s early 40’s, which is one of the darker moments in the timeline, but i think i have an actual story i want to tell there, and it could provide context for this little project

concept two is a sweet little sapphic romance where we get a little more into the realm of just me having fun and imagining fun solarpunk futuristic shit, and, of course, that smut that i talked about.

just as a warning, the rest of this blogpost might be a little NSFW

so like. okay. i feel like i have such fun sexy little things i want to write, but i am not good at writing, nor is horny really an ideal mood for writing in? plus, it’s deeply awkward to actually post it where i know people i know will find it.

but also like it’s kinda so much fun to talk about sex, and there’s just too many ideas bouncing around inside my head for me to not write them down.

so the gay sex story is happening, but don’t expect actual smut for like a little bit, i’ll need at least a couple of chapters of context first.

life is also absurdly busy right now, so it might take forever, but i promise i will make it actually happen

when i do get around to writing the spicy stuff though, i can’t be the only one doing it so it would be nice if others wrote some sexy words for their own girlblogs