Periodic Elements Review

A blog dedicated to reviewing every single periodic element before graduation!

Beryllium Review

The tastiest element thus far, this element might be highly toxic to humans, but that’s just the flavor working. It can be found in gears and cogs. That’s it. What did you expect me to say about Beryllium? It’s just Beryllium.

I’m going to be rating this one with just a “yeah”

Lithium Review

Lithium is a song by the band (and clothing brand) Nirvana that was the fifth track on the Nevermind album, released in September 1991. The song was written by the late Kurt Cobain, and shows a man losing everything and either finding god or going mad.

The song is one of my personal favorites from the band, and I’ll give it a 7/10.

Oh, and I guess the element is cool too.

Helium Review

Helium is known for that squeaky voice it gives you when you ingest it, but do you know how that happens? Well, helium makes higher pitched tones register in your vocal tract, amplifying them and making them louder. Pretty neat, no? No. Too much helium can lead to asphyxiation. Everyone’s done it, but it’s really not safe.

Overall, I’d give helium a 3.333333333 repeating out of 10.

Hydrogen Review

The first entry to the periodic element review series, I’ve got to say hydrogen is definitely an element. Hydrogen has an atomic mass of 1 (rounded), so when it appears in formulas it’s usually pretty easy. However, I can’t give it a good grade here. Hydrochloric acid doesn’t even taste that good, and don’t get me started on hydrogen peroxide. Plus, thermonuclear weapons it helps make aren’t very sugoi.

Overall, hydrogen gets a 5.64/10