heyyyyyyyy guysh I hope you're all doing well today on this Friday friday.

I hope everyone here is excited for teh Addams preformance 2nite! I know I'm excited but also I am very very scared AAAAAAAAAAAAA

hello everyone it is now tuesday beceause i forgor

okay the shows went well ayyyyyy i messed up quite a bit which is cringe but everyone else did really great yahoo!!!!

Also the Overwatch 2 beta releases today and I didn't sign up buttt im super excitdd to see people play it and stuff because i was always super interested in overwatch when it was popular in like 2016 but I wasn't allowed to play it back then BUT now i can so yayyyyyyy. PLus during the 3 week overwatch 2 beta, Overwatch 1 is having a free trial so I can try that out yahooooooooooooo. I have like a ton of overdue work 2 do tho LOL from being sik a couple weeks ago so I need to do that first before I can enjoy epic Overwatch.

I'm also super excited for Splatoon 3 that comes out in September, my Splatoon phase will be coming back and nobody will be safe mwahahahahahahha

I hope you all have a fnatastic pogg day !!!!1!!!1!