HEyyyyy guysh happy wednesdayyyyyyyy

I got overwatch last nat WAHOOOOOOOOits so fun okay let me explain my favorite character who I. have been playing as a bunch

His name is Wrecking Ball (I swear his name was Hammond or something back in like 2017 when the game came out but I guess not??) and hes this cute little hamster right??? But also he controls this massive spherial metal ball that rolls around and stuff. The ball has two forms, walking form, and ball form. In walking for the ball stands on these thin crab-like legs and shoots people with its epic guns and stuff. In ball form its just a big metal ball BUUT ALSO in ball form it has this grappling hook that he can use to get himself up to higher places or propel himself foreward.

Like this little dude is my favorite guy eveeeerrrrrrr hes so much fun to play because the way you can use his grappling hook for all sorts of situations is sosososoos much fun and hes also the fastest character in the game in his ball form so i can escape from enemies really quickly. basically in the game you just use him to dirsupt and annoy the other team as much as possible and then make a quick escape, wgich is very very fun. I really like fast chaarcters in games so this litlle man is perfect for meeee.

I hope you all have a sugoi epic kawaii kakkoii day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soerry to all those who like my usual content of just talking about stuff that actually happened during the day, but i really like overwacth i think its pretty fun so i just waneted to talk about it.