It's me and I have something to say,

Among Us has an issue

Before I tell you such issue, let me go over the circumstances in which the issue occurs.

Say it's around the end of a small game of Among Us, maybe five or six people are in the lobby, and there is only one imposter. You and your friends are all voice chatting over discord. You're a crewmate, of course, and you think you know who the imposter is. The imposter gives a good fight in the emergency meeting, and soon the remaining crewmates aren't sure who to believe. Do you...

  1. Attempt to convince them with epic facts and logic, or...
  2. Tell them they can vote you out, but if the game doesn't end just vote out the other guy

I have an issue with number 2, if you couldn't tell, and I will tell you exactly why. Among us is a game about talking to people and convincing people of your innocence, or convincing them that someone else is not what they seem. I feel like the sure method of number 2 is way too literal and ends a game very anti climactically.

This may not seem like it happens often, but in smaller games it happens almost all the time, and is pretty much the go-to method whenever anyone is sus of someone else. Honestly it's not that much of an issue and is absolutely a legitimate way to play the game, but it is honestly very annoying when an Among us game is easily ends with no fanfare. I think this method is BORING and makes the game UNFUN!!! >:(

Hope you all have an epic pog day!