ehhehehggrh one day until splatoon free ehehuuaaaghhh my dark twisted mind is so exchited ehfkouuuugh mwahahahah

feliz jueves ahaahah nyaaar okay yeah today is Thrudsay the day b4 Friday which is the day Splatoon 3 comes out but actually I've heard from oustide kakkoi sources that it actually comes out today in different time zones?? like in an hour?? so maybe that means I can play it when I get home but IDK hrmm idk

n e ways tomorrow I have a doctors appointment in the morning so I'm skipping like the first part of schol which meanz no picture day for me MWAHAHHA it also means school will be shorter which means I can get to splatoon 3 faster MWAHAHAHAH ohhhh i am so evil and twisted my mind is so evil my demonz r too powerful arrgrhhgh stay backkv...... its so kowai (scary in nihongo (japanese in japanese)).... . .. raaarrhhggghh... ..

ok guys im fine now :D