Sugoi dairy kun 4/21

FELIZ JEUEVES!!!!!!!! (happy thrusday in spanish)

Im current;y writing this is History lab whilst John is strugglibg to get the TV working, hopefully i can finish this sugoi dairy before it works again...

Update: John is trying to airplay it now i think??

Update: he said “there we go” so i think he did it

Update: ITS WORKING now i get to learn all about how abe lincon died wow!

The video we watched was very insightful. Learning about the actual level of pre-meditation for the assassination was fascinating. I especially was intrigued when it was revealed that the police officer that was tasked with the protection of President Lincoln was actually incredibly inept at his job. In fact, the officer ended up going to a bar in the middle of the play! This left Lincoln completely vulnerable for John Wilkes Booth's eventual attack. I find it very fascinating that the assassination could have been completely avoided if the Police Officer was adept at his job, or if he was replaced by a more professional bodyguard.

I hope all those who read this gain a piece of knowledge they previously were unaware of.

have a great day!