a Lepidopteran dialogue —– fiction

“It's so weird that caterpillars change species”


“You know. When they become a Kakuna- sorry cocoon then the cocoon becomes a butterfly.”

“No. When you mean they just metamorphosis.”

“Yeah. they change species. It's weird that it happens three times. “

“What? How does that even makes sense. They just metamorphosis once. One species the whole time. “

“There are three animals though. Caterpillar, Cocoon, and Butterfly.”

“No. It's defined by reproduction. Species are. They are all the same genes.”

“How can it be reproduction, because Caterpillars are children and therefore can't fuck.”

“That's not what species are. Mules cannot reproduce and therefore cannot be a species.”

“What? Mules are obviously animals.”

“Yes. They are just not a species! “

“What's the difference?!”

“You idiot.”




”... I'm sorry...”

“I'm sorry too. That was really rude and immature of me.”


“I found a video about it let me show you.”