Graham Harman

The philosopher Graham Harman has many lectures online that I consider to be of literary, and rhetorical value. Many philosophers when speaking assume a sort of familiarity with their work. Graham Harman assumes that his audience knows nothing about his ideas and he starts from scratch each time. He has an explanation that seems precisely practiced, but it is not mechanical. His explanation of his philosophy is beautiful in its clarity, as well as its vividness. He tells his philosophy like a story, and he tells stories like a master.

Graham Harman as a character in philosophy is a novel. He a continental philosopher who hails from Iowa, a contradiction in terms almost. He defends the existence of external objects, rather than pretending that there is no external object. He speaks clearly, but defends philosophers who speak without clarity. He seems to have a theory about everything, but is often open to admit that he has no idea about something.

Here is an example of some of his lectures. I want people to tell me if they agree with my appraisal of his style, or if I’m misguided.