I should do a Harold Bloom arch but for youtube videos

who is Harold bloom?

he is a literary critic who tells people that they need to read western canon books because of their apparent intrinsic worth. He is pig headed and arrogant, but I think that ultimately he has probably introduced some people to good books through skilled passionate arguments.

why should you do that I don't fullly understand. that seems stupid to force people to read books that agree with you

I don't think that people only need to read those books. but saying that people ought to read those books to the exclusion of everything else gets people to read those books. I think that I want people to watch youtube videos that have not be judged on aesthetic merits because they are youtube videos. Including videos that needed to be youtube videos, because they are intrinsically tied to the format.

like what?

Try watching History of the Entire World I guess by bill wurtz. I'll make more posts later to talk about other videos.