Making Private Blogs

Did you know that you can make private blogs, that don’t show up in the Feed? Blogs on FarkasCity can be set to public, unlisted, private, or password-protected. This post will go over how to change your blog’s publicity, and when you might want to use each setting.


  1. Go to your Blogs page
  2. Click the Customize button under the blog you want to customize
  3. Select the publicity setting you want
  4. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page

Publicity settings


This is the default option. Public blogs show up in the Feed, and can be accessed individually by the blog’s link. This setting is useful if you want your own blog and want FarkasCity to tell others about it.


Unlisted blogs do not show up in the Feed. They are only accessible individually from the blog’s link. This option is useful if you just want your own blog, and you want it to feel more like its own thing and less like part of a platform.


Password-protected blogs are the same as unlisted blogs, except that you need to enter a password once you go the the blog’s page. This is useful if you’re blog is only for a specific group of people.


Private blogs are only accessible to you, while you’re logged in. This is useful for notes to yourself, diaries, and etc.