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We are expecting 50 mph winds in this area over the next couple of nights, so there’s a pretty decent chance FarkasCity looses its internet connection for a bit. There is no need to worry though; everything is backed up so all of your data will be safe. There are also several measures in place to prevent and deal with power outages, so as soon as internet is restored FarkasCity will automatically come back online.


In Reply To: “Suggestion For The Betterment Of FarkasCitizens” — liv

liv made a very good point in their article. I totally agree that this behavior should be changed.

Unfortunately, I have two schools and two jobs, so I will not have time to work on this for a few months. If any of you can program and would like to help me with this, then this could implemented around late December. If not, I will definitely work on this early in the Summer. My inbox is always open.


We recently had unexpected downtime of unknown length. This unfortunately happened during the two days where my phone was broken, so I did not get notified. This turned what should have been a ten minute incident into a several hour incident. I am now working to address this problem so that it does not happen during future incidents.

If you have any questions or concerns about this incident, please email me at dj@farkascity.org.

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In Reply To: “Thanks For Your Response” — shrrrrub References: “Re: Can We Have Comments?” — FarkasCity Blog

My only concern is that you seem to want FarkasCity to be a conversation, of sorts, where all is given equal weight and whatnot. Is there any plan in place that prevents the general feed from being overly convoluted?

— shrrrrub

It’s not that I want FarkasCity to be a conversation per se, but more that I want everyone — including authors of blogs on their own sites — to have an equal voice should a conversation emerge.


There has been some unexpected downtime today due to severe weather. The server is back up now, and no data was lost. I am currently working to ensure that it remains up as the storm continues. As always, please email me if you have any questions or concerns.


In reply to: shrrrrub

As much as I’d like to, I cannot begin this post with a simple answer to that question. It’s a simple question, but its actual answer is nuanced enough that a simple response would not justly answer the question — even considering that in all likelihood, the question from shrrrrub’s point of view boils down to ‘Please add the ability to comment so that people can respond to my post’.


One of the junctions for FarkasCity’s Internet Service Provider is down, and they say it will be about a week until it is fixed. In the mean time, you might experience intermittent availability. I will be checking the availability more frequently to mitigate this, but if you find the site down for more than a few minutes please let me know.


I technically just updated the Rules and Legal Information, but the content did not change at all. Specifically, I changed the Rules from a bulleted list to a numbered list so that specific rules can be referred to (“Rule Number n”, for example), fixed a malformed email link on the Legal Information page, and corrected the spelling of “segue”.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me.


I’ve added a rule that sexually explicit content must have an adequate notice, so that no one stumbles across it unexpectedly. For more information on how to do this, see the rules page. This rule was added for legal reasons, and it should not affect anyone.


FarkasCity allows you to categorize your posts with hashtags. To do that, simply include a hashtag anywhere in your post. Here’s an example: #HowTo. That tags this post as “HowTo”, and clicking on the hashtag will bring up all the posts with the same tag. This is how I’m able to link specifically to the tutorials on this blog in the welcome emails, despite having more than just tutorials on this blog.

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