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FarkasCity was unexpectedly down today. A user alerted me of this via email, and upon reading it, I took action immediately to solve the problem and discovered that the server had lost power. The power supply issue has since been resolved, and I am working to create redundancies and real-time alert systems. Thank you to the person who reached out to me with the issue, and thank you to everyone else who is active for making FarkasCity what it is today.


I’ve added some legal information that I probably should have added a while ago. This shouldn’t really affect anyone, but I always give notice before changes to the rules, privacy policy, or terms of service go into effect.


You can now have up to five blogs per account. This should allow you to have at least one blog of each type, along with some private blogs.


Did you know that you can make private blogs, that don’t show up in the Feed? Blogs on FarkasCity can be set to public, unlisted, private, or password-protected. This post will go over how to change your blog’s publicity, and when you might want to use each setting.



Computers think of emojis as text, so you can enter an emoji into the editor and it will show up in your post. There are a few different ways to enter an emoji:

  • Using your emoji keyboard if you’re on a mobile device
  • Using your system emoji picker if your operating system provides one (check in settings)
  • Coping and pasting from a site like emojipedia

There will be some scheduled downtime on . This means that FarkasCity will be inaccessible during that time. This shouldn’t last more than an hour, and may take less time than then. Service will resume normally after then. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions.


FarkasCity allows you to easily add about, contact, subscribe, and similar links to your blog’s homepage. Doing this is incredibly simple.

To add a nav link, write the page as a normal page on your blog and then publish it. Go to your blog’s homepage and hover over the post’s title, then click pin. The post will be hidden from your blog’s feed and a navigation link of the post’s title will appear.


You may have noticed that the FarkasCity editor lacks buttons for making things italicized or bolded, and for adding links and etc. This is because the FarkasCity editor uses text-based formatting, called Markdown.

This article is a guide to using Markdown to format your blog posts simply. It is arranged from basic to more-complicated things, so you only have to read as much of it as you want to.


To title your post, put a hash before the first line of your post. For example, this is what the beginning of this post looks like in the editor:

# Guide To Formatting Articles

You may have noticed that the FarkasCity editor…

Formatting text in a paragraph is really simple. To italicize something, surround it in asterisks (stars) like so: To *italicize* something,. For bold, use two stars: For **bold**,.

Links are also fairly simple. You can add a link by simply pasting the URL: https://example.com.


As the title says, FarkasCity has officially just launched. This is somewhat arbitrary right now.

I will put up some rules soon. Until then, just don’t post anything illegal in the US.

~ more to come ~