how could you possibly understand? a consequence is nothing to a scared animal. threats fall unheard upon raised hackles and shaking paws. you dug yourself so deep into that hole trying to protect yourself—yet nobody pulled you out. a hole becomes a grave becomes a suffocating stench that fills the air. did you understand why i held you so tight that morning? why i refused to let go? of course not. but how could you? you stared down the barrel of the gun and you bit down

last year i purchased a TWSBI eco fountain pen, and now it is time to review it. after using it consistently for a year, this is my favorite pen in my collection. not only does it write incredibly smoothly (even on a fine nib) but it also looks gorgeous. being a piston filler, it also has a large ink capacity and you will need to refill it less often than a cartridge or a piston convertor. TWSBI also includes a specialized wrench with the pen case so that you can take it apart if you need to repair or clean it, which is very useful. it is 30$, which is on the cheaper side for fountain pens. there are less expensive options however. all in all this is a very reliable pen that i use very often.