Random stuff by O

A writing

Strolling to the bathroom, Looking in the mirror; why am I like this? I splash my face. say “I can do this” but my voice is not how I remembered. I am almost taller than my mirror now;finally growing. I take off my shirt and gently run my fingertips down my back to relieve myself of this itch. I grab clothes to wear. I look down. First mistake. I throw on my clothes trying to not cry. Why am I like this? I try and take a deep breath. Why am I like this? I go and make breakfast and realize my shirt is too tight. Why am I like this? I get in the car. I am not yet driving. I smile. My dog is trying to lick my face. We are here. I can’t breathe. I walk in. They don’t know my secret. Why am I like this? I sigh in relief. I run up to them like I’m a little kid running to their best friend. I smile.

There is a can. It is maroon. The can is tall. It is balancing on a knee. The can has been slightly crushed but still mostly intact.

The can was put onto the table. Empty. To be forgotten.


There’s lots of planes flying over my house tonight ✈️