Using Hashtags

FarkasCity allows you to categorize your posts with hashtags. To do that, simply include a hashtag anywhere in your post. Here’s an example: #HowTo. That tags this post as “HowTo”, and clicking on the hashtag will bring up all the posts with the same tag. This is how I’m able to link specifically to the tutorials on this blog in the welcome emails, despite having more than just tutorials on this blog.

Tips and tricks

List of tags

You can add a list of tags in your blog’s header so that readers can easily find all the tags on your blog. To do this, create a page titled something like “Tags” that simply lists all of the hashtags you use. Then, you can pin it to your blog’s navigation so that it’s accessible from anywhere. Here’s an example.

Accessible hashtags

For people using screen readers, multi-word hashtags can be problematic because the computer doesn’t know where each word starts, so it can’t pronounce them correctly. To fix this, simply capitalize the start of each word (“#ThisIsAnExample” instead of “#thisisanexample”).

Keeping it clean

If you’re worried about hashtags disrupting your article, try putting them at the bottom. If you want, you can also add a section break to further separate them.

PS: Did you know?

Hashtags are called hashtags because they are tags made by placing a hash (#) in front of them.